The Common Mistakes in Mobile Game Design

With the sudden boom that the market is experiencing when it comes to mobile games and applications, it would be safe to say that it has taken the world by storm. Day after day more and more of these games are created, developed, produced, published, sold and played. Unfortunately only a select few get to top the charts and are noticed by the masses for a long period thereby making them surefire hits! Why is that so? How come others get more attention while some don’t? Here we will discuss the answers to those questions by giving you a list of the common mobile game design mistakes that developers make.

Copy and paste without haste

By far the biggest mistake that many developers commit when designing a game is copying the most recent and most popular release at date. This is a big no no. Apart from the copyright infringement complaints that you may face, getting somebody else’s hard work will surely be a flop. People will easily recognize an imitator. It is okay to get inspired by something and use it to create something new. That you can do.

Short run is no fun

You should create the game so as to continue sparking interest in the audience. The game should be designed in a way that even if all the tasks have been accomplished, the user is still engrossed to keep playing again and again. A successful app is defined not merely by achieving the top spot in the market but also by the length of time that it has remained there.

Touch screen for the win

Touch screens are basically modernized joysticks. Instead of pushing and clicking you get to tap, slide and tilt. The thing is different devices have different features especially when they run on different systems such as the case with iOS and Android. When designing, you have to take note of the screen dimensions, the location of certain buttons such as notifications, WiFi, Bluetooth and the like or in short the toolbox.

Too much frolics and antics

Keep the playing as simple as possible and ditch the complexity. This does not however mean that you should cut off the exciting features, cool graphics and creative environment. This means that the way the game should be played must be kept simple. Take the infamous Tap-Tap Revolution. All you have to do is tap on the designated button as they sync with the music and the difficulty progresses depending on the song chosen. When deigning 3D mobile games, you should take note that people often play these in short blasts of time in between breaks or on their ride home. You don’t want to bore your audience down by filling them in with complicated mechanics and instructions.

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