Why the Board Game Go Is So Popular

Few games in the world have withstood the test of time quite like the board game Go has. People have been challenging opponents to this game of strategy, balance, and skill for centuries. While it originated in the Eastern world, it has now grown in popularity in the Americas, European countries, and beyond, too. So just what is it about this particular game that has given it the lasting power to remain popular across the generations, the centuries, and the oceans, too? Here are a few things to consider:

Skill Level: While there are numerous variations, generally, the board game Go is played on a board that is sectioned off into squares, and by laying pieces onto this board, you gain more and more control of the territory. However, the rules require the use of a great deal of strategy and planning to maintain and expand your territory, as the opponent is constantly trying to counteract your actions. The board sizes vary, and smaller sizes create less of a challenge and are more suitable for beginning players. The larger boards give those who have been playing for years plenty of a challenge, so the game truly can grow with you as your skills in strategy grow.

All Ages: Many games of challenge are simply not suitable for all ages, but the board game Go is one of those games that many parents start playing with their kids at a young age. With the beginner game sets, this can be played with youngsters who are still trying to figure out how to strategize. The skills and way of thinking involved in this game are great for the developing minds of youngsters, too. Many parents prefer their little ones to spend time enjoying this interactive and time-tested experience over the mind-numbing experience that video games can offer.

Variations: As mentioned earlier, there are many different variations that you can experiment with. When you have a game that has been around for centuries such as this one, there are sure to be variations, and that’s just what you find with this one. As each different culture experienced playing this, they made their own changes to it, so you may find differences in board sizes, rules, pieces, and more in different parts of the world. However, you don’t have to travel to these various parts of the world to enjoy the thrill and challenge that the variations offer. Instead, you can order different variations online to really expand your play options.

Challenging and Fun: Perhaps the most significant reason that the board game Go has enjoyed the honor and prestige of being just one of a handful of games that have not just remained popular but that have actually increased in popularity over the years is because it is just so much fun to play. The rules inspire challenge, yet it is entirely suitable and even fun for young and old to play together, too. If you don’t have this on-hand at home to play, you are certainly missing out!